MOMO shampoo

MOMO shampoo

MOMO Shampoo Kiss your ultra dull dry hair goodbye with ultra-hydrating yellow melon extract. MOMO is ideal for those hair that see’s a lot of hot tools like curling or flat irons. It’s  jam packed with zinc, potassium, vitamins A & C, phosphorus & zinc & has a lightweight foaming lather you have to feel to believe. Like all of Davines hair products, sulfate-free of course! MOMO gently cleanse & replenishes your hair leaving it hair soft, shiny, & beautifully hydrated. Own every moisturized moment MOMO! BTW this is the unforgettable signature scented shampoo & conditioner featured at The W Hotel... 


8.4 oz 


The extremely hydrating intoxicatingly freshly aromatic Cartucciaru melon extract in MOMO was grown on the farm of Mrs. Francesca Simonte in Trapani, Italy as a part of the Slow Food Presidia 


  • Obtained with 100% clean zero impact energy 
  • Food grade reusable & recyclable packaging
  • B-Corp Certified
  • Part of the Slow Food Presidia


Hair isn’t the only thing in need of rescue that Davines shows up for... When you use any Davines product you are supporting the Slow Food Presidia who sources farm grown ingredients from rare breeds of plants, in turn preventing their extinction. So go on with your GOOD self!



  • How To Use

    Apply about a nickel size amount (or less) of highly concentrated MOMO Shampoo focusing on the scalp. Massage for 30-60 seconds to stimulate the roots. Repeat & Rinse

    After rinsing shampoo out of hair, squeeze excess water out & apply NouNou Conditioner from your mid to ends avoiding your roots. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Run your fingers or a gentle comb through your hair. Rinse. Follow up with prescribed post shower leave in cream or spray