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Energizing shampoo

Energizing shampoo

If you have noticed your hair thinning, becoming fragile & falling out or just want to get ahead of genetic or hormonal hair loss, you have found your natural remedy right here! Energizing shampoo gently cleanses your hair & gives it a sensory wake up call energizing cell activity bringing vigour & well being to your sleepy pores & scalp while providing a balancing effect to your scalp & a moisturizingy your hair


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    Energizing shampoo is meant to be used as directed as a treatment

    • Intensive treatment: every day for 5 days then every other day for 1 month 
    • Maintenance treatment: 2 times a week for 2 months
    • Alternate with Renewing Shampoo for extended use 

    To apply gently massage into your damp hair leaving the lather on for about 5-10 minutes to work its magic then rinse. Repeat cleansing ritual a second time if you go more than two days without washing

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